Angels and pets: the convergence!

For this category of people, coming back home after a hectic day of work is more often than not, uneventful. Reach home, freshen up, dine and go off to sleep. Interspersed in between are activities like TV, office work, home work, etc.Most weekends could also be ascribed comparatively dull. Wake up to the sun blazing at your face, breakfast in bed, lazy lunch and maybe an occasional evening outing for movie or dinner.
Then, there exists an  altogether different category of people. Lets tentatively call these people “category-2”. People with pets, more specifically Dogs: the most interactive, lovable and affable pets humans can keep. Coming back from work is an altogether different experience for these people. Nothing short of pure joy, actually. When the stupid pet of yours comes running towards you like a maniac, like he has not seen you for ages (the actual separation not being more than 6-8 hours), licking whatever body part within its reach, wagging their tail at such high speeds  you could actually harness the energy from them! The sheer warmth in this welcome drains you off most of the tiredness, frustration and disappointment of the day. You feel loved, blessed and amazingly relaxed: most worries dissipated and anxiety for the coming day gone.

Of course with such a wonderful stress buster comes a lot of disadvantages, just like the two sides of the same coin. This category of people cannot have the privilege of sleeping till late hours. on weekdays or weekends. A slight delay in the scheduled  morning walk time initially initiates slow, neglectable whimpering from your pet, easily ignored by pressing the pillow to your ears. The cautious soft whimpering turns to loud howling with additional delay. You are grudgingly (for most people, like me) forced to be a regular early-riser. No matter what. In sickness or in health. You’re forced to improve your health too, thanks to the daily morning walks! Weekends are not spared either. Infact, they are pre-booked. No, not with hanging out with family or friends. But for maintenance. Pet maintenance. So bathing, brushing, vaccination, visit to the vet occupy weekend slots.  And yes, then there is the untimely falling sick of your stupid pet, thanks to the morning-evening tasting sessions of the roadside gourmet. It is then that you pause all important tasks in life to tend to the silly creature, also by now the love of your life. But then, the same pet also sits by your bedside during your times of sickness, giving you the best it can: its company.
For this, and for several other reasons, it is heart wrenching to lose this silly creature. It leaves behind a void: that may be filled only by another equally stupid creature. Even though critics may argue that owning a pet curtails one’s life especially when it comes to going for family vacations, outdoor trips, living an easy and uncomplicated life (i’d rather call it dull and boring life), they are totally worth every bit of it. To be a honest, one can refer them to as blessings in disguise. They are like God sent angels, that make you realize life is not all bad. Every cloud has a silver lining, every bad day at work has more to it than it seems. Every failure in life can be tackled. Believe me. This is how you will feel when your pet comes running to you, every evening. without fail. Till its last breath.
So, which category would you like to fall in? If you think you are willing to make your life a little exciting, want a change from your dull and boring life, want to be category 2..go ahead. Adopt a stray dog. In giving it a home and family, changing it’s life forever. And of course, your own!

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