A happy day..

Its weird how some people  and things can really bring about a positive change in your life. From the daily mundane routine, they liven up your day by just an email or a phone call. Add to it some other wonderful experiences, a day of hard work (even though it increased pain, atleast satisfaction of trying to do my best) a day of something set right, a long awaited worry cleared, chat with a long lost friend, experiencing soulful music straight from the heart. Glad to have experienced a day like this today.

And another important lesson learnt. Happiness in life really is about the small things we tend to overlook. The love that we take for granted. Stop ignoring. Start living. 🙂

3 thoughts on “A happy day..

  1. In life, you should also consider being less self-obsessed, Mr. Kaviraj! This post is merely a recollection of the day gone by. nothing to do with your advice, which i think was irrelevant. Because the end is never in our hands. the journey is. we should try giving that our best and leave the worries of the end to the almighty!

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