A (Sad) New Beginning..

Prologue: This was the last poem I had composed, albeit a sad one. Have not been able to write any cheerful rhymes after that. I hope I’ll be able to do that eventually .

A Sad New Beginning..

With thoughts that have hints of hatred, some even filled with disgust..

For loving a person like you, I may be able to hate myself.


But why inspite of everything, this love cannot dissipate?

Why am I filled with sadness, that my love you can never reciprocate?


Very much aware that my dislike you very much deserve,

Inspite of everything, your memories and those moments I want to preserve..


This seething pain that envelopes me, my desires, hopes and dreams every night,

I hope will harshly remind me, if I ever think of loving someone so much again, which I hope I not might.


With this severe lesson I want a new beginning,

Even though it seems something very important am behind leaving.


With you, some part within me will definitely meet an end,

Still feels horrible, unbelievable, so abruptly you had to away me send.


In my new start, I hope I don’t even come across your name,

I loved you, wanted to spend my life with you;

But after knowing what you can really become, thankfully, you did not wish the same!


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