Blame it on the government or me…

It happened about  an hour ago. Me and my colleague were driving our 2-wheelers across a decent stretch of road. The road is actually well-lit, infact, to some couples who drive this route, it might almost seem like a illuminated romantic drive. However, just one of the street-lights on the road has recently malfunctioned. It doesn’t really make  a great difference to the overall illumination. Maybe, that is why, nobody has cared to repair it yet. However what is unfortunate is that small now un-lit patch of road also happens to have one of the worst pot-holes known. The ones, if you happen to ride over them by mistake, are sure to take you for an altogether different ride! The regulatory bodies have neither done anything about the pothole nor the street-light. And why do I suddenly care about this small issue? We humans are such that we are least concerned about things that rarely affect us, unless they start doing otherwise. So, of course, highly predictable that it is, I was jolted by this lack of govt. concern after my colleague drove over it by mistake. And hurt himself really bad. Honestly,  I could attribute his mishap to two things, the poor visibility in that patch of road or the fact that he was discussing with me a problem pertaining to my life, simultaneously while driving. So his mishap could be because of lack of attention or govt. apathy, its difficult to say..

Of course I would like to ascribe it to either govt. apathy or atleast both, that way my conscience feels less guilty. Whoever’s mistake it was, this blame game cannot undo the physical damage to him and the 2-wheeler and the mental shock of this untimely accident. My sincere thanks to whoever made the helmet, atleast there was no head-damage.

In this minor accident, nothing much was lost. However, if due steps are not taken by the concerned authorities in time, there could be much more to lose. And next time, some stupid girl may not necessarily want to share the blame (for talking too much, at the wrong time)!

Wake up authorities… as dutiful citizens lets rise to the occasion and help in their awakening. Lets all join hands and fight for good roads and decent road-lights.Not just in Kharghar, but all of India. So that no-one falls prey to such avoidable and freak mishaps. Lets gear up for a new fight. Stay tuned for more details.

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