A new low in Indian politics, or Indian Media?

We, the educated chose Modi to power. Inspite of knowing all this. Aren’t we equally guilty as citizens of a democratic country, who have been assigned the supremely important decision to elect our leader? Shame on all of us!

piyush kaviraj

Article on Amit Shah by Rana Ayub pulled down by DNA Article on Amit Shah by Rana Ayub pulled down by DNA

This article, published by DNA newspaper group, on Amit Shah has been pulled down by DNA: check  Looks like a new low for media self-censorship!! Now that Amit Shah is BJP National President, and even his lawyer a Supreme Court judge, even the not so wise should get a glimpse of whats in store next.. Rana Ayub has tweeted “Feel terrible, disillusioned with the state of media. Will not be writing for henceforth. Had great respect for them. Alas !” an hour ago.

The article is as follows, without any modification……

Late last week, a special CBI court adjourned the bail application of Amit Shah in the Sohrabuddin and Tulsi Prajapati fake encounter cases, accepting his excuse that he was engaged in political work in New Delhi. Shah, 49, the first serving Home…

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