She’s become my life ever since I held her first. She’s the reason I am. Her smile fuels my day.  Her welcoming giggle is the reason I run back home. Seeing her snugly sleeping in my lap is the biggest comfort in the world. A slight discomfort to her is enough to leave me sleepless. She’s the best thing that has happened to me and my husband. ‘I love my daughter’ would be a lesser phrase to sum up what she means to me. And ‘m grateful to God for blessing me with Hiyashaa.wowbadge

Hiyashaa, is the culmination to two Hindi words – Hiya (Heart) + Asha (Hope). With this I come to the title of this post – Confession.  Confession that she’s is not my Hiyashaa. She’s not the hope of my heart. She’s not what my heart desired. Yes, I didn’t want a girl. My husband most eagerly did…

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