Why do we love someone?

There has to be a reason why we love that one special person in our lives. There should be an underlying reason for being attracted to that particular individual, like sunflower to sunshine. But, what is that reason?

Can the physical attributes of the person be so enchanting that make us fall in love with him? or does what lie inside actually count? Or is it a combination of both? Or maybe it is simply the comfort shared between two individuals the reason one can wish to be with that person, forever.


Whatever be the reason, what I fail to understand is, how can that reason (however supremely significant or even insignificant it be) can resist any bad feelings that we may develop for that person? At times the same person may have shown irrevocable behavior, hurt us through their action or inaction, treated us like dirt, shattered our hopes..but we still insist on loving that person irrespective of anything or everything. What reason can be bigger than our self-respect, self-esteem, and against our own good?In circumstances where the person under question is in no position to reciprocate the feelings, being fully aware that the best thing to do is to move away, why do we sub-consciously still crave for that person?When the most practical and logical thing to do is move apart, why are invisible threads in place, pulling us harder towards that very person? 


Why can we always be in a position to forgive all misdeeds, bad behavior, rudeness and all such negative aspects in that person and still hope for a bright future alongside them? What is so huge that prevents our own well-being being implemented and pushes us farther into that black hole of pain and misery, from where there might not be an escape possible?


This love works perfectly when two people share a loving relationship. This love is meant to bring them together after a fight or argument..but what when this is not the case?


What is it that makes us love a person beyond everything? 

Beyond reason, logic, practicality, feasibility and our own happiness….

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