In losing a friend…

Some of my best times in life spent were with you,

you became my favorite friend, in the list of best few!
The laziest of my life’s hours were by your side,
those non-active hours were as interesting as enjoying a ride!
My happiest and craziest moments were with you in sight,
During my moments of darkness, you were the light!
Your i-dont-care attitude or trying hard to convince when I am angry,
You caring so much sometimes, and little on other times when I was hungry..
You tending to my pain for hours on some nights while forgetting to care on rest,
All this compelled me to love you, care for you, however it may be best!
You were my solace in the hours of deepest suffering and grief,
In your times of happiness, pain or sadness, I never did alone you leave!
The time spent away from you yearned for your presence every hour
There were moments of anticipation every time we came together after being far!
The non-stop fights that would last a day were a fad,
This permanent fight wont lead to anymore, maybe that why it feels so bad!
Our bitter-sweet relationship has to end now,
There is nothing else to say, what, when, why and how!