4 thoughts on “The Girl That Grabbed My Arse

    1. Feminism refers to an ideology that stands for equality for women and protection of their rights, necessary in this patriarchal society. Rising examples like these question the need for existence of such mandates..that’s why i referred it to as ‘for sale’.

      1. Still not getting it. A woman grabs a mans arse and now feminism is for sale? Despite the fact he wasn’t bothered, I think most people, feminist or otherwise, would agree that it is wrong to go around grabbing random arses. I don’t understand though what it really has to do with feminism.

  1. What i meant in principle is that with many such acts like these, need for fighting for women’s rights in this male dominated society may be reversed..
    And i think you’re right. I used too strong a term as i got drifted in emotions..I should have used something like ‘need for some more male chauvinism’.. thanks for your critical comments.

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