In losing a battle…..again!

My life was as plain and void as it could be
I found you, like a tired traveller finds shelter under a tree
Your first glimpse was that of a simple, sweet kid
In the days I got to know you, I realised your eyes were with mischief lit

Your antics with your siblings were adorable
I could stare at you kids play all day
I remember the first time I took you in my arms
You cuddled to sleep after hours of fun and play

You warmed up to me like a lost found friend I longed to have
I promised myself you’re one thing I will not let go
And I determined to protect you sensing the new predator around
Alas, the determination and the promise were shattered due to lack of timely efforts from my side.
The beast got to you before we could implement our rescue plan
There you lay in blood, breathing your last breaths and me far away again, in the train

After candy, your demise has taken some more hope from my life
I can’t seem to forget your twinkling eyes when I try to close mine,
The tears don’t stop falling when I remember your innocent face
I lost another of the battles in trying to live upto life’s race
I don’t think I can again ever forgive myself for leaving you alone like that
Knowing i had my best intentions for you , if you can, Forgive me, my baby, my child!

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