Review: Bollywood movie PK

And here’s to the most anticipated film of the year ( I’m not sure about others, definitely for me)……
A lesson that the worst can come in the best of the packages..

Aamir Khan and Rajkumar Hirani Christmas releases are always looked forward to by all my family members, as these are the few movies we like to turn into family extravaganzas..thanks to the sensibility of both the director and the awe-inspiring actor! This was no different…

Oh what a shock I was in for while the movie had barely ran past the interval…

The first-half is genuinely funny. Aamir Khan as the bewildered alien lost on this unpredictable, diverse planet brings out genuine guffaws. His new concepts of stealing from ‘dancing cars’, trying to buy food from papers featuring Mahatma Gandhi’s photo, his mistaken lusty characteristics and his attempts to find God were indeed endearing. His interaction with real ‘Shiva’ was one of my favourite scenes in the movie. Unfortunately that’s it. In a movie running for more than 150 minutes, and coming from the team who have given us novel ways to imbibe Gandhiji’s teachings, I expected so much more..
Post-interval, the movie gets highly predictable. It is the most pathetic copy possible of a wonderfully made movie 2 years ago. Every scene after a while seems like an inspired one from this very movie. The wrong path on which the self-professed leaders of religion make us tread is totally and wrongfully copied. That in the name of religion, we tend to forget humanity and rationalism is also not convincingly shown. There is an unexplained bomb-blast near the end that has no relevance whatsoever to the plot. One good thing in the later part is which portrays how the identity we have given to people based on their outer appearances can prejudice us. Instead of getting to know the inner facet of the person, we are inhibited by his/her different religious followings when in fact we were created by the same being! After a while, the dancing cars concept gets a tad boring. Add to it the totally out of context Condom, sex and marriage talk. Atleast it could have been woven better in the script. It wouldn’t seem so out of place then..

The lesson that the movie (may have) aimed to give was lost in the over-acting by the protagonists and the bid to copy the screenplay of another highly successful movie on the same subject. Inspite of the differences in the moral of the stories from the two movies, the moral of this film somehow got entangled in a lot of crappy issues. The moral, according to me, was simple. God is one. Religion is just a form or means by which you appease this one God. Like in a family of four kids and a dad, the four kids might have different ways to express their love to this dad, different strategies to appease him. But the four kids do not fight over their differences, nor impose their ways on one another. This strategy should be the child’s freedom of expression. He should be entitled to select his most preferred way, since the dad does not ‘stamp’ these strategies on their tiny asses when they’re born. Therefore, religion should be treated simply as a way to interact with the heavenly form who created us, and there should be no rifts over it. Everyone is free to believe there is a God and worship him. In the way he pleases, That’s all.That we should be God-loving and not God-fearing was already very well portrayed in the previous movie, so I would rather give this credit to that movie.

All in all, the lessons that this alien learns from this movie was better learnt in watching OMG about 2 years ago. He could have saved all the time, money, energy and other resources in finding another life-bearing planet!

13 thoughts on “Review: Bollywood movie PK

  1. I believe PK is very fine made movie and after reading you article, I was quite surprised by your views. You mentioned several times copy/copied, but you never mention which movies that part was copied from, so I was kinda confused by your article, in my opinion.

      1. Ohh that way, well yes I understand the concept was from OMG! Which was completely fine job. Though both movies had similar messages, but I believe PK reminds us that what the religion has turned into, unfortunately. OMG highlights that to certain extent, while PK not only outlines the reality but explains quite in depth yet in simple way!

      2. Yes precisely. My point is that. The movie borrows heavily from the previous one but definitely adds a its own bit to the concept. While what you’re calling as simply explained is predictable plot in my language. And while a lot many people think like you do, I still stand by my point. Let’s just call it difference of opinion. I was expecting so much, so much more. 😛 🙂

      3. My point too!! After all we are the audience, lol and they make $$$ outta us, so I say why not be critics! Friend thanks for the smile. You made my day, was really in need. Thanks;)

      4. Of course! We are like these free critics they are earning, they better be glad about us! And thanks to you too the bolly conversation and of course the smiles! Great criticing with Ya 😉
        God bless 🙂

      5. Yeah I got that! You should read my other review on Dum laga ke haisha. I have praised that movie, so you’ll know I’m not totally pessimistic!!
        Will keep posting more! Thanks for your encouragement! 🙂

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