The stench of death in broken promises…

Anand Siva

When it seemed imminent that the BJP would come to power, I was hoping to see some good come out of it. While the hope of stability for 5 years and therefore a possibility of decision making was one, there was a larger greed that piqued my interest. Would a religion maniac, hindutva driving party actually bring forth laws or directions on matters that could help animals? Will they deliver unto the cos and bulls their revered status glorified by scriptures, epics and practices? Will the animals, purely out of a biased attitude, see freedom from pain and torture, of at least the ones cause by farming for meat and leather? I personally nurtured a hope.

Conversations with a leather manufacturer prior to the elections delivered some key messages. The trade feared just that. They expected Modi to come down on slaughter in a big way. There was belief that…

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