Life is sad, and I don’t know why!

Life is sad,
And I don’t know why!
The world around is soaked in happiness,
And yet my heart still wants to cry!

Occasions brimming with fun, family, love and laughter
In this merriment, people seem to be on a high
In spite of the luscious spread and drinks,
My soul is parched, it feels dry!

In this world, fights and wars are a routine affair,
Everyday I hear a handful people die,
This still doesn’t look like the reason for this,
I’m afraid I cannot lie.

Are companions in life really so important,
Their presence makes you fly?
When they choose to leave you,
Why do you let out a sigh?

Ok, they are precious; they’re everything you have,
Your comforters, secret-bearers, your happiness.
But why should you wail and be gloomy,
If they didn’t value you, and said goodbye.

If they fail to understand your efforts and purpose,
With you, cannot see eye to eye
Despite awareness, they can push you to gloom,
Why should you sob till morning five?

So what if you lose the most reliable shoulder to cry,
The ears to incessantly talk, the arms to be comforted and lie,
There’s nothing you can do and should do,
If they decided to leave, and not come back even if you die.

Life is said,
And I do know why!
The world around is soaked in happiness,
But something’s amiss, and that’s why my heart wants to cry!

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