Book Review: Crumpled Voices 2: Innocence Lost, Compiled by Pulkit Gupta, Edited by Ila Garg

The review of the social anthology ‘Crumpled Voices-2’ by Ms. Priyanka Batra Harjai.. The reviewer has has critically and painstakingly reviewed each of the contribution. A brilliant summarization of the stories has been offered..
Must read..

Books News India by Priyanka Batra Harjai

Title: Crumpled Voices: Innocence Lostcrumpled

Publisher: Gargi Publishers

Compiled by: Pulkit Gupta; Edited by Ila Garg

ISBN: 9789384382100

‘Crumpled Voices’ – 2 Innocence Lost is the second compilation of stories revolving around child abuse, which is yet another shade of suffering. One more time, Gargi Publishers brings together seventeen authors to raise voice against a heinous crime – Child Abuse.

It is not an unknown shade of suffering but sadly, very few are adequately aware of the mis-happenings. Young minds are so fragile and so timid that many times, the crime goes almost unnoticed only to leave behind the irrevocable scars.

Pulkit Gupta – the compiler; has once again put in an untiring effort to bring out the best from what is available. Leave behind the years of experience either in writing industry or medical industry or any other related realm; he simply fetches the crime quotient in the selected…

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