Movie review: Katti Batti- An unusual (read ‘tasteless’) love story

It sure is late.. but for any people who want to get a DVD home, this may be useful..

Ok.. so the movie promos and the official trailer promised this one will not belong to the category of stupid romantic comedies that Bollywood so frequently loves to dish out. Therefore, my expectations were high. Plus, the fresh pairing of Imran Khan and Kangana Ranaut looked delicious, so extremely crackling on-screen chemistry was an obvious hope. In an age where not just adults and elders, even young school-going children deal with relationships and breakups every other day, the sensitive topic of Heartbreak could have cut across really important messages to the audience.

But then, the story, content, editing, dialogues and direction ruined them all….

The movie is indeed bearable for the first few minutes. Initially you can actually manage to laugh at the absurdity and brainless jokes cracked in the most unrealistic scenes without an effort, like you do in Rohit Shetty films. But then, those films carry a clear message: Expect only unintelligent, silly things from the film, nothing more or less. Also, the hapless, love-struck Romeo played by Imran Khan sure does manage to garner sympathy in the first few scenes. When one fine day, his highly spirited, almost-bitchy live-in partner Payal, played by Kangana Ranaut, decides to leave him forever,. No calls or messages, thereafter. The smitten hero desperately attempts to come to terms with the sudden break-up, but reminisces from the past convince him that there is something amiss, there is some mistake- that Payal has not left him forever and she will still come back.  The first half of the movie is spent in narrating their love-story and describing the unsuccessful attempts of the protagonist in moving on. And it doesn’t stop just there. The movie, interspersed with the most idiotic and wasteful characters drag the simple story till just minutes before the end, before something like a climax is revealed. However, because of the time, money, energy and resources spent for the most insignificant scenes running for about 2 hours, there is no space to accommodate the eventful climax which includes some of the best moments (~ 15 minutes) in terms of acting in the film of 140 minutes. The climax has no chances of reviving the interest of the viewers, as by then they have already made up their minds against the movie.

The movie does have some countable (genuine) funny moments, too many toilet jokes; ridiculous characters especially the South Indian boss, a very-very loud sister, parents who are considered almost-stupid, a pet-shop owner-cum-lead singer of a band and extremely supportive and brave friends. The movie also brings onscreen the famous concept I first heard in college 10 years ago, FOSLA – frustrated one –sided lovers’ association! Imran tries his best to portray the extremely shoddily caricatured character of Madhav. Kangana’s primary job in the film was to dress up pretty and generate the oomph factor. It is only in the last few scenes that she can actually demonstrate her prowess as a fine actor we have previously seen in movies like Queen. The script really offers so little to the lead actors, I can in no way blame them for the movie’s failure. They did give it a sincere effort, especially visible against the backdrop of a horribly bland storyline. Special mention for the last few scenes, really commendable you guys! All words fail me while describing the screenplay, dialogues, editing and direction, so I better not foray in that direction. All I can is that they could not have been worse.

All in all, the only small message that the movie could convey to me (as against the large one that it could have blared onto people in love) was that heartbreaks are not the end of life. Our separation from a loved one may be temporary, permanent or across the worlds, but our life doesn’t stop there. We have to continue to live, either by finding a new reason or making the first one stronger in our hearts.


Aditi’s rating: 2/5 stars


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