“Cows Have to be Milked”

Pittsburgh (Abolitionist) Vegan

I have come across this argument before, but not in several years. Today, two fellow students reminded me of this common argument: “Cows have to be milked.”

Searching the Internet, I came across conflicting information. Some sources claim that the cows may contract Mastitis, an inflammation of the mammary gland. I also came across several sources that state cows become agitated when not milked. Others still, claim that the teats will eventually just dry up. I have contacted the Holstein Association for more information. (Holsteins are the dominant breed of dairy cow in the United States.)

[Update 05/23/12] At the time I originally published this article, I did not have a response from the Holstein Association. Now I do:

“Hi Pierce,

While we are not a veterinary organization, which would be the best source, I have lived on a dairy farm my entire life and can hopefully help clarify it…

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2 thoughts on ““Cows Have to be Milked”

  1. After trying to read many articles on this topic, I feel, like many other myths, this was spread deliberately by our ancestors that “Gaay hamaari mata hai”… while the reality is ” Humko kuch nahi aata hai”..
    The philosophy of cow as mother just helped us not develop a feeling of guilt while exploiting cattles to milk them for our selfish needs. A mother’s milk is good enough for a child and a combination of cereals, pulses and vegetables (along with plenty of sunshine, fresh air and exercise) should be enough for the grown ups for more than their survival.

    1. I am glad you feel that way @PiyushKaviraj.
      You know my favourite line in this blog- Yes, not milking the cows may create a problem; but we created the problem in the first place. According to the article, milking becomes necessary as the calf has been separated from its mother. I’ll read more about the capacity of the calf and how necessary it is to milk the ‘remaining’ milk, once the calf has finished; as this is still not answered. Please enlighten me if you find an answer to this..

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