Her Grave

There she lies silently, below the canopy of stars..

Her grave at the edge of the woods, on the lakeside.

I remember my parents planted some saplings when they lay her to rest..

If not us, she would always have some comforting greenery beside, they said.

The woods are home to crooks I was forewarned;

The dense foliage offering the necessary shield after their heinous crimes..

There was a mysterious absence of fear in my footsteps,

 I did not cringe even at the sight of deliquents

I cried, and cried and cried and cried my heart out,

The tears ran like a steady waterfall..

I paid my homage to her, and apologized

For the worldly duties, I could not do enough, or even be by her side…

I placed a wreath and her favourite food

And turned to say good bye, but I could not..

So I just stood there for a long, long time

Knowing perfectly well that something within me, had died.

As I stood there gazing at her grave,

I heard footsteps behind me.

Rebuked for endangering my honour and life

I was shunned out the woods by the policeman, disregarding my strife.

I haven’t been to Her Grave after that day,

Left her alone amidst the scoundrels and the rogues..

I can’t help but hope that inside Mother Earth

My baby has found a Heaven that is just hers.

A savior is needed for who can take me there once again,

I can’t restrain the emptiness and hollowness within me,

Everytime I pass the road to the woods and Her Grave,

I wish I could go once again, and tell her how much I love her, with someone who is brave.

Its four years now, but the tears fall down often, and on their own accord,

I anticipate one day soon, a visit to Her hopefully green Grave, I will be able to afford!

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